american breakfast  14

two eggs any style, bacon or chicken sausage, toast & jam

breakfast sandwich  9

all are served on griddled hawaiian roll with a fried egg

bacon, egg & cheese

chicken sausage, egg & cheese

grilled mushroom, kale and egg

smoked brisket hash  16

two sunny-side eggs, piquillo peppers, onions, mushrooms, bourbon bbq sauce

buttermilk pancakes  12

maple syrup & salted butter

add fresh berries 3

add pecans 2

avocado toast  9

sunny-side egg, house-made tahini, sprouts, radishes & squash seed oil
add smoked salmon or bacon 3

anson mills oats  10

banana, pecans, creme fraiche, maple syrup

h&d omelet  14

choose 3: bacon, chicken sausage, smoked brisket, kale, onions, piquillo peppers, swiss, cheddar, mushrooms

light breakfast  13

brie, preserves, fresh fruit & toast

breakfast burrito  10

scrambled eggs, potatoes, pinto beans, avocado creama, salsa verde
add bacon or breakfast sausage 3

crispy huevos rancheros  13

two sunny-side eggs, pinto beans, avocado crema, salsa verde & cotija




classic eggs benedict  15

sourdough english mun, hollandaise candaian bacon

cheese-crusted breakfast burrito  16

charred shortrib, scrambled eggs, avocado, pinto beans, salsa arbol

minute steak & eggs  17

two fried eggs, ciabatta, watercress, steak fat potatoes

chicken sausage hash  14

two fried eggs, potatoes, kale, maitake, chicken jus

fluffernutter french toast  16

bananas, peanut buttercream, maple bacon, maple syrup

ham & asparagus omelet  15

brie, chives, melted butter, toast

japanese uni bowl  23

steamed rice, banchan, crispy egg

hearth grilled bacon  16

ciabatta, peas, mushrooms, coddled eggs, bavarian mustard


bacon, egg & cheese  9

griddled hawaiian roll

crab beignet  15

tartar sauce

chocolate ganache doughnut  7

fried to order, chocolate pearls

cheeses & preserves  22

olive oil, greens & grilled bread

cured meats  21

mustards, pickles & grilled bread

tempura onion rings  8

tomato ketchup

beef tartare with toast  16

preserved egg yolk & sunower oil

raw salmon  13

meyer lemon marmalade & avocado


roasted beets & avocado  14

sour orange & pumpkin seed

the big salad  14

grilled chicken, ham, boiled egg, avocado, croutons, cheese, basil goddess

green salad  12

coriander vinaigrette


banquet battered bass  14

tartar sauce, haystack potatoes, tomato marmalade, jalapeno bread

smoked brisket patty melt  16

cooked while you sleep, burger patty double cheese, onion jam, HD sauce

smoked pork shank tacos  9

onions, avocado crema, arbol-benne salsa, tomatillo salsa

classic cheeseburger  9

double patty, b&b pickles, onion jam

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