american breakfast  14

two eggs any style, bacon or chicken sausage, toast & jam

breakfast sandwich  9

all are served on griddled hawaiian roll with a fried egg
bacon, egg & cheese
chicken sausage, egg & cheese
grilled mushroom, kale and egg

smoked brisket hash  14

two sunny-side eggs, piquillo peppers, onions, mushrooms, bourbon bbq sauce

buttermilk pancakes  12

maple syrup & salted butter
add fresh berries 3
add pecans 2

avocado toast  9

sunny-side egg, house-made tahini, sprouts, radishes & squash seed oil
add smoked salmon or bacon 3

anson mills oats  10

banana, pecans, creme fraiche, maple syrup

h&d omelet  14

choose 3: bacon, chicken sausage, smoked brisket, kale, onions, piquillo peppers, swiss, cheddar, mushrooms

light breakfast  13

brie, preserves, fresh fruit & toast

breakfast burrito  10

scrambled eggs, potatoes, pinto beans, avocado creama, salsa verde
add bacon or breakfast sausage 3

crispy huevos rancheros   13

stwo sunny-side eggs, pinto beans, avocado crema, salsa verde & cotija

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